Sweet Basil Farms LLC

898 Johnstonville Road
Barnesville, GA 30204

Customer Service Phone # 404-478-7850
Customer Service Fax # 404-795-0979

Customer Service Email: sweetbasilinfo@gmail.com

Sweet Basil Farms is an 80 acre working farm, with a large vegetable and herb garden, fruit orchards and more. We put great emphasis on all natural gardening and livestock management practices, and are members of the American Poultry Association, licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture as Poultry Dealers and Brokers, and a proud member of the Georgia Grown program. We also breed, sell and ship poultry, pet pigs, bearded irises and much more. An 1840's general store is situated on our property, and serves as our on-site farmers market, where this all began! We are conveniently located off of Interstate 75 at the Johnstonville Rd, Exit (#193), six miles west, in Barnesville, Lamar County, Georgia.

Sweet Basil Farms, with its delivery based business Farmers Market To You, has a mission to deliver Farm Fresh To You. The goal of local farmers markets was to build, nourish and inspire community, and was created to allow the small, local farmers to directly reach the consumer. Smart consumers of today are taking a greater interest in what they put in their bodies. However, over the last three decades, because of rising costs, big retailers, and commercial farms, it has become increasingly harder for the local farmers market to remain not only true to creation, but easily accessible to the average busy consumer. The concept of buying local fruits and vegetables certainly isnt a new concept, but the concept of Farmers Market To You is!

The concept of Farmers Market To You is to get the local products assembled and delivered directly to consumers, into local communities, in a unique Farm-To-Table (F2T) movement. As producers, we not only have access to our own products, but as members of Georgia Grown, access to a host of other local farmers and producers. Our Farmers Market To You program puts products together in weekly Market Baskets, in various sizes and delivers to you, the consumer, at a convenient location in your community. Farmers Market To You, with our F2T principles, assembles locally and regionally grown products, helping you meet your familys needs for farm fresh products, conveniently and reasonably priced. Secondarily, the local producers are helped by having a means to move their products directly to their local consumers, more efficiently. The wide benefits of our F2T program is helping local farmers thrive and expand again, consumers have greater access to farm fresh food and encouraging people to invest in their own communities again to build, nourish, support and inspire those closest to us. Farmers Market To You is currently serving customers and farmers in the greater Metro Atlanta area, Macon and Middle Georgia Region.