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What exactly does Farm to Table mean?

The F2T phrase literally refers to locally grown or produced food, as well as the various processes of the food chain from agricultural production to consumption. Top chefs began to advertise where their farm fresh products came from, creating a stir with people and fresh foods again. Since F2T doesn't have to be sprayed with chemicals to protect it for the long haul to you, it maintains the nutrients, and just plain tastes good. Everybody wins, from farmer to you, the consumer!

While the usual supply chain includes harvesting, storing, preserving, packaging, transportation, sales and consumption, the F2T products have considerably less steps. Not only is the carbon footprint substantially decreased, the nutrients are in tact and abundant in the produce. Sourcing locally is more than just being politically correct; it's very rewarding for our community as a whole.

Once people began to realize again how good fresh food tastes, the health benefits and the impact that it alleviates on the environment, the demand increased dramatically. As people soon realized, although F2T food is in great demand, it is not easily obtained on a regular basis. Since local and small farmers can’t compete with corporate farms at farmers markets, let alone getting into a retail outlet, they have little chance of getting their products to the consumer.

However, retail groceries now make it easy, albeit expensive, to buy healthy organic products; unfortunately the majority of organic products have a much higher carbon footprint from transportation. Sadly, (if they can afford it), busy consumers are left with little choice. For the majority of families, the 3 to 4 times cost increase for organic is not an option at all.

Sweet Basil is proud to bring our unique F2T movement to you while helping to support our local community.