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How Do I Become a Sweet Basil Farms Distributor?

Selling Faith Baskets is a great way for your organization to use this valuable program to get food to help feed those in need. Farmers Market to You offers a new, creative and healthy product to sell. The Faith Basket program that is supported by Farmers Market to You, is a one-time sell for the organization, but it continues to pay benefits of food to your organization, as long as the members doesn't cancel the weekly service. All monies are collected on the Sweet Basil Farms Payment Site, so there is no money to have to deal with. Every week, Farmers Market provide a portion of food, over the amounts of food sold, to your organization to use in feeding the needy.

This is a great outreach program that will get members that join the program to actually know that their purchases are directly going to buy food that is being used to feed those in need, in their communities.and a check is given to your organization weekly

Faith Baskets are fresh, wholesome and healthy fruits and vegetables delivered to your organization weekly. In this program, when you go the the Members to ask them to participate, you are not asking them to do anything other than buy their fresh fruits and vegetables from you, versus the grocery store. This is a product that everyone uses and it is very easy to get members onboard. The products are delivered to your organization and is picked up by the members at a designated pick up location, which is usually one of your organizations locations.

Each product can be customized to your organization's specific needs. To get more information about the Blessing Baskets program and to find out how to get your organization into this program and the value it will bring to your outreach goals. Just click the link below to get information or to ask someone to contact you about how you can participate in this new and creative program.

For more information about the Farmers Market to You's Blessing Basket Program and how it works and will further your organizations outreach goals, CLICK HERE, to request someone contact you or for more detailed information.